The Petrover Activity Monitor

The PetRover is a uniquely designed gadget for pets. It is essentially an activity monitor which helps an owner to quantify the activity and fitness of their pet. 

The PetRover Specifications:What you will receive in the package:
  • Monitor Dimensions 23mm diameter * 14mm.
  • Monitor Weight 10g.
  • Battery charge time 2 hours.
  • Battery life can last up to 10 days.
  • Water proof up to 1m.
  • Robust casing is shock resistant.
  • Charge dock and silicon collar are included.
  • PetRover helps you keep your dog active, fit and healthy.
  • Set a daily activity goal customized to your pet’s breed and weight
  • Learn when your dog is most active, and the type and quality of exercise they are getting
  • Connect via bluetooth.
  • PetRover Monitoring Unit
  • PetRover USB Charging Station
  • Collar
  • Velcro Assist Strap (for oversized collars)
  • Instructions
£ 24.99 each

Z3 GPS + WIFI Pet Tracker

The Pettorway Z3 Live Tracker, with forward-thinking integrated GPS + WIFI technology, enables pet owners to capture real-time tracking outdoor or indoor through its advanced mobile phone app. 

The Z3 GPS + WIFI Pet Tracker Specifications:What you will receive in the box:
  • Tracker Dimensions 54mm*25.5mm*15.3mm.
  • Tracker Weight 24g.
  • Battery charge time 2 hours.
  • Battery life 6〜8 hours in tracking mode, but can last up to 6 days in standby mode.
  • Tracker contains motion sensor so when pet is inactive the product goes into standby and preserves battery life. Battery life is dependent on usage patterns.
  • Tracker is water proof up to 1m.
  • Tracker robust casing is shock resistant.
  • Data logging will operate automatically in Europe and the US.
  • Live tracking available subject to a mobile phone signal being available (GPRS)
  • Can be attached to any pet collar, (Please note for best signal performance please do not use metallic collars)
  • Fence Alert / Safe Zone – Receive an alert via your mobile phone if your pet ventures outside a pre-defined area.

  • Z3 GPS Live Tracker
  • Tracker Protective cases x 2
  • USB data cable
  • Velcro Strap
  • Rapid Mains Charger
£ 89.99 each


Please note: you will need to pay a £48.00 yearly subscription fee for the data usage which is in addition to the purchase price of the Z3 model only.